How state budget cuts effect affect

As of the release of this paper Illinois has not enacted a complete higher education budget for the fiscal year and is not included in this analysis. Education appropriations data comes from the Grapevine survey conducted by Illinois State University, enrollment data comes from the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association.

How state budget cuts effect affect

How Are State Budget Cuts Affecting You?

Jane ThesingSouth Carolina I believe that South Carolina experienced budget shortfalls sooner than some other states. These have been mostly a continuing series of across-the-board budget cuts that have affected all state agencies, although they affect agencies such as ours that have only state funds to a greater extent than agencies with other sources of revenue.

In the current year, we have been able to take the additional cuts we have sustained by not replacing two staff who have left. We have not had layoffs to date.

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Another factor that came into play this year was a statutory audit of our new lottery. The law provides that the lottery is to pay for the audit, so this new source of revenue has also helped, and since the lottery agreed to pay us over two years, it will also help next year!

The loss of staff has affected the amount of work we can do. Although the effect of staff loss is hard to quantify, we currently have a backlog of audit requests and are being slowed in finishing ongoing projects.

Although we identify significantly more in cost savings that we cost the state, it is hard to convince others that we are more needed than the basic How state budget cuts effect affect which have been so severely impacted by the cuts.

In addition, voters elected a new Governor in November who pledged not to raise state taxes--and kept his promise. Consequently, the budget reductions for most state agencies including ours have been unprecedented, or close to it.

In earlywe decided to print most copies of our reports in-house, rather than getting copies of each report professionally printed. We made a lot of small changes internally-for example, canceling voice mail for non-managerial staff, newspaper and periodical subscriptions, and organizational memberships; prohibiting out-of-state travel; reducing computer purchases; stopping purchases of bottled water for staff; etc.

In earlythe Governor proposed a 15 percent reduction for our office-on top of reductions to our budget that were made during Eighty-five percent of our office budget is payroll-related, so we prepared plans for staff layoffs, and we surveyed office staff on their willingness to take two weeks off annually without pay as a way to prevent additional layoffs.

Ultimately, the budget approved for our office for the biennium was 16 percent less than the budget we started the previous biennium with.

A last-minute legislative appropriation enabled us to avoid the layoff of a permanent program evaluation staffer, but two additional positions remain vacant.

Two support staff who have done a lot of work for our program evaluators were laid off. We received legislative authorization to transfer authority for local government best practices studies which our office has conducted since the mids to the Office of the State Auditor; our best practices staff now work on program evaluations, allowing us to maintain or increase the number of evaluation reports produced.

Many of the specific implications of the budget reductions are still unclear, but we are clearly feeling the pinch. A salary freeze appears likely, along with employees picking up a larger percentage of insurance costs.

We will likely have less money for training and travel. We plan to give up a portion of our leased office space. We are still considering the option of having staff take time off without pay.

We are grateful that we avoided layoffs of permanent program evaluation staff, but it is unfortunate that we will not be able to fill vacant positions.

How state budget cuts effect affect

Ken LevineTexas Sunset Commission In Texas, we were required to submit reductions of seven percent in January at the beginning of our session for the current fiscal year. For the upcoming fiscal biennium that starts Sept. We can make this reduction work without layoffs if we do not fill several open positions and reduce spending in other areas.

So, what does this mean for our Sunset reviews?

Funding Down, Tuition Up | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Since our schedule of reviews is set by statute, we have little control over how many agencies we review, or the size and difficulty of the agencies chosen. Our adjustments will come in the size of the teams assigned to a review, and therefore the amount of analysis that can be done.

To balance that though, undoubtedly we will be working longer hours. Nor will our professional expectations for our own work. At Sunset, we now have a staff of 29, down from We have 24 analysts.The Effect of Federal Budget Cuts on States and Localities When the federal government starts reducing its deficit, watch out below!

Jan 13,  · NY state budget: Four ways it could affect you Cuomo on Tuesday will release his budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year, and there is plenty to watch for. Check out this story on.

One professor at State University (a pseudonym) illustrates how budget cuts affect the morale and well-being of faculty: I have had to give up fried food in my diet. The reality of budget cuts in schools – survey Cash-strapped schools are facing redundancies, reduced subject choices and even running out of paper.

Rebecca Ratcliffe. MONROE, La. (KNOE) - As lawmakers fight to update the state budget, the latest proposal takes aim at college students. A new bill would cut the TOPS scholarship program by 30 percent.


Budget cuts have forced State University, and institutions like it, to freeze hiring. The upper administration has been barred from filling vacancies, much less creating new faculty positions. State University faculty have seen a significant reduction of tenure-track hires over the past decade.

State budget cuts could affect college students